In Liberty We Trust

by Tommy Leung on July 4th, 2018

America feels more politicized than ever. Although that's probably not the case in reality.

Heated and vitriolic attacks on political opponents is nothing new.

It just happened in different mediums. In letters and newspaper instead of cable news and Twitter.

But this politicization have made some people crazy and deranged.

There are people who actively campaign against American principles of free speech, free markets, free association, and freedom in general.

Are we perfect? No. No individual or country is perfect.

But I am grateful, everyday, that I am an American and live in these United States.

We have misguided youth marching for socialism and communism. Led by adults who should know better.

People who have benefited from and take for granted the abundance of capitalism advocating for future poverty in the name of temporary equality.

These people don't believe in the greatness of America yet continue to live here. They can move. They should move.

It is, ironically, the American spirit to do exactly that.

People immigrate here from all over the world looking for freedom. For opportunity not afforded them in their home country.

Yet we have citizens and residents who advocate for the totalitarian governments these immigrants fled.

It is on Independence Day that we should revisit our founding principles.

And know that, regardless of political party, we should fight for these principles against oppressive collectivist ideas that are a constant siren song.

No matter the form of the collectivism. No matter the treasures it promises.

Like many Americans I decided to do some grilling on Independence Day.

The propane tank I had was empty and I didn't realize this until I wanted to start grilling late in the day.

Capitalism saved my dinner.

It is a small thing but we take this magic for granted.

The grocery store near me was open. Even on this national holiday. They sold propane tanks.

But the problem is that I don't own a car. I use ZipCar, a car share program. That alone is a magic of the free market but it gets better.

I used Instacart and someone went to buy a propane tank from the grocery store and delivered it to me. So I went from unable to grill food to able to grill food in less than 45 minutes just by tapping on my mobile phone. And all at a reasonable cost.

This is something no collectivist system could have imagined or produced. In a collectivist world that grocery store wouldn't be open. And they would have had to ration out propane tanks for weeks.

Forget about having it delivered to you. No amount of money would have helped you. You would just have to eat something else.

In Liberty we trust.