How to Find Clarity by Thinking the Opposite

Tommy Leung wrote this on Apr 11, 2018
One of my favorite books of all time is short and irregular-sized with more pictures than words. It is not a children’s book. The book is Whatever You Think Think The Opposite by Paul Arden. Doing things differently than what was common always came naturally to me. One of the first things I try when I need to be creative is to think the opposite.

How My Greyhound Overcame an Impossible Fear

Tommy Leung wrote this on Apr 4, 2018
Greyhounds are a unique breed of dog as pets. Their whole life before retirement is about racing. They live in a kennel with many other greyhounds. They are never alone. They don’t know about stairs, elevators, traffic, or other norms of life outside the racetrack. Adapting to life as a pet is a big change. When I got my greyhound, Otis, he was deathly afraid of elevators.

Dealing with Data Privacy in the Facebook Age

Tommy Leung wrote this on Mar 28, 2018
A few years ago I decided to eliminate as many Google products from my life as possible. My default search engine changed to DuckDuckGo. I moved off of Gmail and paid for private email. Instead of the Chrome browser I switched to Safari. I didn’t quit Google. Many of their products are excellent and their ability to reduce costs—sometimes to zero—is a net benefit for human kind. So why did I reduce my use of Google products?

A Simple Yet Radical Way to Become More Awesome

Tommy Leung wrote this on Mar 21, 2018
I have a morning routine. You probably do too. Mine had been about the same for years: I would have coffee and read the news. It started with RSS feeds. Then Apple released the News app and I switched. I considered reading the news and staying up to date on current events something that smart and informed people did. Like a habit for successful people. If I wasn't smart then I could at least be informed. So I spent about an hour reading the news every morning.

The Day a Homeless Person in Denver Tried to Rob Me

Tommy Leung wrote this on Mar 14, 2018
Like most New Yorkers I rode the subways. There is a rotating cast of panhandlers who repeat their sob stories as they pass through the train cars asking for money. Now I'm in Denver, Colorado and there are some homeless people who mill around my neighborhood. They don’t generally bother you or ask for money but one of them followed me and it almost ended in blows.

My Surprising Realization From Year One as an Entrepreneur

Tommy Leung wrote this on Mar 7, 2018
It was December 2017 and I was having a bad feeling in my gut. I had left my six-figure job to pursue my dream of starting a business. A business making video games. It was a childhood dream so I had to try. But several months in and I just knew I was doing something wrong.

A Daring Framework for Living a Brave Life

Tommy Leung wrote this on Feb 28, 2018
The end of High School is a unique time in life where we are forced to make a decision that often defines the rest of our lives. We make this decision clinically with much thought and attention to future risks and rewards. But is it the best way to make this decision? Is there another approach that guides us through the rest of life that might do a better job?

And Begin Again

Tommy Leung wrote this on Feb 10, 2018
I used to blog somewhat regularly. Then I stopped. Life happened. Different priorities took hold. My old content is gone. I'm starting over. A little older and hopefully a little wiser.