Savor the Journey on the Way to Outcomes

Tommy Leung wrote this on Jun 20, 2018
I used to love buying things. Technically, I still do. But not in the same way. The act of shopping comes with a rush of good feelings. That’s how I got into financial trouble as young adult. I was buying things I didn’t need with money I didn’t have because it felt good. Like a drug.

Be Selfish and Worry About Yourself

Tommy Leung wrote this on Jun 13, 2018
There’s this hilarious video clip on YouTube. It is of a child telling her Dad to worry about himself. She’s trying to buckle her seatbelt and having a bit of trouble. Her Dad offers to help and she refuses. “Worry about yourself!”, she says. It is funny coming from a child. But she’s right. We spend too much time worrying about other people and the things we have little control over.

Focus on the Process to go from Zero to Hero

Tommy Leung wrote this on Jun 6, 2018
Training can be a lifelong endeavor. The ups and downs of any given day doesn’t mean that much in the bigger picture. Some days I don’t feel it at the gym. Maybe I'm physically tired. Or mentally exhausted. But I do some work anyway because it isn’t about a 12 week plan. It’s about the next year. Or 10 years from now. Having a bad session here and there is just how it goes. I work through the bad days so I can get better at them. That’s why it is training. Some days are easy. Other days are hard. You learn how to handle all situations.

How Risk Management Can Help Minimize Regrets

Tommy Leung wrote this on May 30, 2018
I’ve always looked at regrets in terms of things I hadn’t done but wish I had. Move to a different city. Ask a girl on a date. Start a business. Rarely do I regret things that I’ve done that turned out poorly. I might feel embarrassed or disappointed but not regretful. The important thing is that I tried. Now I know how to do it better next time. So I was taken aback recently when I heard a perspective of regret in terms of failed attempts.

The Best Teachers are Hardships That Don't Kill You

Tommy Leung wrote this on May 23, 2018
I got my first credit card at age 17. It’s a funny story. This was a time before cellphones. Or at least before I had a cellphone. A call came into the landline at home. I answered it and it was for me. There was a woman on the other end. She was peddling a credit card and signed me up. I proceeded to max it out and then signed up for more credit cards. In the end I had a wallet full and over $10,000 of debt.

This Persecuted Dog Breed Will Make You Appreciate Life

Tommy Leung wrote this on May 16, 2018
Stop complaining about a lack of fairness. Life is not fair. Life is hard. Our laws should be fair but that’s about it Life does not aim to treat anyone fairly. Life is indifferent. Things in life rarely make sense as you are living it. An event yesterday can affect your life 2 weeks later. You couldn’t have known. It only makes sense in retrospect. It appears completely random at the time.

The Great American Melting Pot Meatball Recipe

Tommy Leung wrote this on May 9, 2018
I wasted many hours on Twitter this week. The internet is full of controversies and I try to stay out of them. I have better things to do. There are many times where I'll write a response tweet only to discard it. But sometimes I just have to say something. The controversy that took me in this week was of a young woman wearing a Chinese dress to prom.

Overcome Problems like a Rockstar Engineer

Tommy Leung wrote this on May 2, 2018
All software engineers will eventually come face to face with a bug so mysterious that it makes them wonder if they aren't so good at their craft after all. These are subtle errors in code that go unnoticed no matter how many times you look at it. It can feel like being in a dark tunnel with no end in sight. You try and try to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. The only way through to the end is to persist and believe that the problem is solvable.

No Risk High Reward Response to a Job Rejection

Tommy Leung wrote this on Apr 25, 2018
Have you ever come across a job that you just loved? You like the company. The job is something you want to do. And you are motivated to put in the effort to be great at the work. All of this comes through in your interview but you get rejected anyway. The reasons can be wide and varied. From one of the interviewers disliking your personality to just not having the exact skillset the company is looking for. It is disappointing. The job felt perfect. What do you do after that?

2 Surprising Life Lessons from Ender's Game

Tommy Leung wrote this on Apr 18, 2018
Reading is a habit I developed in childhood. I've always loved libraries and book stores. I remember spending summers reading books like the Indian in the Cupboard. I also borrowed books about finding ghosts and drawing comics. The library was a world of infinite knowledge. I could learn anything I wanted once I found a book about it. My favorite fiction is Ender’s Game and it teaches a surprising number of life lessons.