And Begin Again

Tommy Leung wrote this on Feb 10, 2018
1 minute read

I had written about the frequency and mindset of sex between hunter gatherers and modern humans back in the earlier part of this decade.

I’m not an anthropologist. I am not a biologist. I don’t study sex.

I just had a blog that I updated semi-regularly. I wrote about whatever interested me.

The ancestral diet was one such topic and that led to an interest in other ways our ancestors lived.

Fast forward a few years and I stopped writing. I was focused on my career and didn’t find the time to write.

The blog died.

I even redid my website to not include the blog. I wrote on Medium here and there because I enjoy writing but it was sporadic.

There were many interesting things I wrote about that no longer exist. Well, I’m sure it is somewhere since nothing truly disappears on the internet.

But now I’m starting over because writing is a great way to organize thoughts and truly understand what you think you know and believe. I also want to share the thoughts and experiences because maybe someone will find it useful.

Maybe it’ll be me in the future.

I started meditating again recently. Just a few minutes a day. One of inescapable parts of meditation is the wandering mind.

You just start thinking and day dreaming.

But you notice it, return to the present, and begin again.