Hi, I'm Tommy Leung.

I am curious about uncommon ideas and question conventional thinking.

I read. I write. I lift weights. I make video games. I co-founded Captivate Games. I’m a gamer. I’m a software engineer. I like to work with small companies. I enjoy investing. I’m a fan of pro-wrestling. I’m a libertarian. I have a dog.

He’s a greyhound named Otis.

Here you’ll find stories from my life. Lessons learned from my experiences. Ideas to problems I’m struggling with. Experiments on ways to be more productive, healthier, happier, and wealthier. Thoughts on living a good life and being a person who adds more to the world than he takes from it.

A Brief History

I grew up in the historic Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

It was not an easy or safe place to grow up. But it gives you perspective.

I learned to play basketball at the same park Stephon Marbury frequented when he was growing up. Basketball was how you got respect among the other kids. Being an Asian kid in a predominantly black neighborhood meant I had more to prove.

Luckily I like challenges. It is still the only sport I’m any good at.

Coney Island was my home until I left for college. Spent a year in Arizona before realizing how much I missed the big city. I returned to New York to finish college and start a career.

My childhood dream was to make video games for a living so I pursued that as best as I could. I ended up working at multiple game companies over a decade that culminated in a stint with a one of the biggest game companies in the country.

Life had its ups and downs along the way. I partied too much in my early 20’s. Ate unhealthily. Became unhealthy. Lived pay check to pay check. Accrued too much credit card debt. Got harassed by debt collectors. Woke up with hang overs. Put on 30 extra pounds. I was just living like a crazy young person.

I wouldn’t undo all of that if I could because those experiences made me who I am.

Something hit me one day in my mid-20’s and I decided to change my life for the better. I stopped partying so much. I went back to eating well. I lost the extra weight. I started saving money. I paid off my credit cards. I started living like a responsible adult.

Life moved in the right direction as I approached my 30’s. I found success in my career. More success than I could have imagined in my chaotic 20’s.

The success allowed me the opportunity to pursue part 2 of my childhood dream. So I moved to Denver, Colorado. New York will always be New York but it was time for a change of scenery and the next chapter in life.

After I left NY, I started a game company called Captivate Games. That is part 2 of my childhood dream. There’s a good chance I’ll fail. Most companies do. But there’s only 1 life to live and not trying is worse than failing.

That’s where I am today. Living as a first time entrepreneur without a steady pay check. It’s not easy but life is not easy. My physics teacher had a saying he repeated so often that I’ve never forgotten it:

Life is hard and then you die.